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Full Blown Fireworks

By red rhino(view all posts by red rhino)
at 07:37 AM Saturday 31 March, 2012
under Daily Deals

Our new Full Blown Fireworks 1.4G Display line cakes are now part of the integrated inventory listing for Finale Software’s fireworks choreography package. This is a great tool to help you in building and producing quality Wholesale Fireworks show design.

The success of the line has been great since its appearance in July of 2011. Full Blown Fireworks is perfect for anyone desiring to put together a fireworks show, from the enthusiast to a full line display company. Since it is built to UN0336 Consumer fireworks standards there are no special permits needed for ownership. In fact, the Full Blown line has not only found a home with shooters but also in retail sales where our wholesale customers are needing that niche product to fill their most discerning customer’s wants – single effect cakes that can be used to achieve a one of a kind neighborhood July 4th show.

The Full Blown Fireworks line is available in 2 styles of 500G cakes. The 12 shot 2” and the 16 shot 1.5”. All cakes are single color effects. 12 shot cakes are available in Palms, Peonies and Mines while the 16 shots are available in Palms, Chrysanthemums, Mines and Comets. Colors and effects for each size cake across all designs are Blue, Gold, Green, Lemon, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red and Silver. Each size also has a Gold Willow and a Crackling Dragon Egg. The mines and comets are also available in Crackling.

The fan angles of the tubes on the 12 and 16 shot cakes are complimentary, enabling the shooter to place one behind the other for a “stack firing” of 7 shots per volley at complimentary angles and break heights, giving the utmost in 1.4G sky fill. Both the 12 and 16 shot cakes fire 3 or 4 shot volleys, respectively, a total of 4 times and both cakes last 15 seconds, ensuring there is no overlap of firing times when electrically fired. This precision timing and matched angles offer a quick and convenient way to design and deploy a great fireworks display, and now with the added convenience of the Finale Software’s ability to design and pre view your show with a few keystrokes you know you will get what you envisioned.

Red Rhino Fireworks is the home for the Red Rhino Brand. You will notice throughout this season that we are improving many things. First, and most important, is our new office and warehouse facility. We have built a brand new facility, designed solely with your service in mind. No longer do you have to visit two locations. Rather, you can come to our office, relax inside, and have your order loaded while you wait. This will insure your order is correct and what you expected. Next, you will see us using the name Red Rhino Fireworks more prevalently in our materials. This is to accent our brand and the separation between wholesale and retail operations. Finally, we are working with the best quality fireworks available. Our consistency and quality will be something you can count on for years to come!


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