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Hollywood actress Karen Black dies aged 74

By Giovannamelbourne(view all posts by Giovannamelbourne)
at 04:45 AM Tuesday 13 August, 2013
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The tax had previously been waived in a bid to boost the film business, but under changes in China's corporate tax law, the tax bureau insisted on a 2 percent withholding tax for all imported movies, similar to a 2 percent withholding tax that other foreign companies in China have to pay. U.S. studios share profits from China releases of their films with their Chinese distributor and with the theaters. That take can vary, but it's usually between 13 and 17 percent. A groundbreaking deal in February 2012 brokered during a visit to the U.S. by then vice president Xi Jinping -- who became the Chinese leader in November -- upped the take to 25 percent.

Hollywood's Hillary War: Why Clinton Fallout Could Be Worse Than GOP Wrath

Her husband Stephen Eckelberry said she died on Wednesday from complications from cancer. Hollywood actress Karen Black dies aged 74. Credit: Graylock/ABACAUSA.COM Her performance as a prostitute in the 1969 film helped her get the role of Rayette Dipesto, a waitress who dates an upper-class dropout played by Nicholson in 1970's Five Easy Pieces. She went on to win an Oscar nomination and a Golden Globe Award for her performance. She is survived by Mr Eckelberry, a son and a daughter. More top news

Actor Gains Fame Leading Prayers at Hollywood Mosque

"My bet is it'll get too partisan too fast, and these guys won't know how to sort their way through it," he says. NBC might have laid the groundwork for that with an Aug. 5 statement to biography of kim kardashian The Hollywood Reporter noting that the kim kardashian ray j tape miniseries "has not been written nor has it been ordered to production," adding, "It would be premature to draw any conclusions or make any assumptions about it at this time." PHOTOS: Actors Who've Played Politicians Longtime Clinton friend and producer Harry Thomason (Designing Women), cautioning that he never has discussed the matter with Bill or Hillary Clinton, says he believes the couple never would publicly oppose the projects but will decline to cooperate with either. He thinks the documentary is cause for greater concern to Clinton allies. "With the miniseries, it's an easy position to take: It's a made-up drama," he says. "On the documentary, they will have material that makes it seem factual." (Thomason produced 1992's The Man From Hope, a centerpiece of that year's Democratic convention.) CNN's project is to be directed by Charles Ferguson, whose 2010 film about the financial meltdown, Inside Job, won a documentary feature Oscar. The Jeff Zucker-run network has asked the RNC "to reserve judgment" on the Clinton film, set to have a theatrical run in 2014 before airing on TV.

Former Beverly Hills greeter now works Hollywood's grittier streets

But the shtick remains the same. He belts out "Welcome to Hollywood! You have arrived!" in a multitude of languages (100, he claims) and poses for photos or waves at passing cars, a regal figure sharing a sidewalk with people dressed like action figures. Sure, he misses some of the celebrities he once used to see Brian Grazer, Larry King, Tom Hanks . "Now the stars I see are the ones on the sidewalk," said Donovan, 53.

So I always prefer to work with those who look at things positively." Bin Youcef is known for performances that are mostly related to extremism and Islam. He talked about the atmosphere that has prevailed lately in the United States and the way Americans look at Islam and Muslims. "It was painful for me and I was confused about what can I do, because things were not clear, he said. I refused to do some roles that are against my culture." From his point of view, bin Youcef believes there is still much to do to fulfill his desire to deliver a message to Americans that Islam, as a religion, is not the cause of all kinds of extremism and terrorism. "I think I did a bit of it, he said. In a show about terrorism, the scene of my testimony in a court was strong and influential, and people knew then that the issue of involvement in terrorism is more complex than they thought. I believe that there are things other than those associated with just being a Muslim in America." The trial scene is from the TV show series "Law and Order" during which bin Youcefs character attempts to exonerate himself from the charge of conspiracy to carry out terrorist attacks inside the United States by trying to implicate two Muslims to carry out the operations instead of him.


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