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3m Ef200xxlb Anti-glare/radiation Computer Filter, Black Frame

3m Ef200xxlb Anti-glare/radiation Computer Filter, Black Frame
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Type: Monitor Filters / Protectors Specifications: American Optometric Association Approval: Yes Anti-Radiation: Yes Anti-Static: Yes Fits LCD Monitor Size: 19 to 20 Inch Fits Monitor Size: 19 to 21 Inch Frame Color: Black Frame Style: Flat Light Transmission: 45 Percent Maximum Glare Reduction: 99 Percent Screen Tint: Light Size: XX Large Viewing Area Height: 13.00 Inch Viewing Area Material: Glass Viewing Area Width: 16.00 Inch Features: EF200XXLB fits 19 - 21 CRTs and 19- 20 LCD monitors Black flat frame design ISO compliant to stringent standard 9241-7 and can help CRT monitors perform better Reduces glare up to 99% due to two-sided anti-reflective coating Blocks up to 99% of ELF/VLF E-field radiation and prevents static and dust build-up when properly