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5000 Vapor-eze Clean Air Hepa Air Purifier With A 170 Sq. Ft. Coverage Area

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The Vapor-Eze 5000 Clean Air HEPA air purifier provides clean, fresh air to breathe while you are at home, at work or in your vehicle. It features an efficient, compact design that can be placed almost anywhere in the house or car as needed. It also comes complete with 2 adapters for indoor or vehicle use. 5 Filtration LevelsThe Vapor-Eze 5000 air purifier features 5 different levels of purification that include a UV light, a photo catalyst filter, a HEPA filter, an activated carbon filter and a negative ion filter. High Efficiency RatesThe 5000 HEPA air purifier removes 99.2% of airborne particles, which includes allergens, pollen, dust mites, smoke and pet hair. It also absorbs foul odors, toxic fumes and VOCs at 73.2% and kills germs viruses and bacteria at 88.5%. Large Coverage AreaThis air purifier can be used effectively in a room that is approximately 170 square feet. Long UV Lamp LifeThe 5000 includes a UV lamp that features a 20,000 hour life. It is also rated at only 8W, using very little electricity for powerful purification.

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