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Advanced Design Bluetooth Handsfree Headset

Advanced Design Bluetooth Handsfree Headset
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Bluetooth wireless technology enables handsfree communication. Compatible with Bluetooth 1.1 or 1.2 enabled devices including cell phones and PDAs made by different manufacturers. Bluetooth 1.2 compatibility provides faster connection, better audio quality, less dropped calls and improved interference rejection. Multi-function button to control various functions including answering and ending calls. Adjustable ear hook fits either your left or right ear. Noise canceling microphone reduces background noise. LED indicator shows headset status and connection status. Automatic reconnection if Bluetooth link is disrupted. Compact and lightweight. Includes a built-in rechargeable lithium polymer battery. Comes with an AC wall charger. Color : Black Specifications: Measurements : 40 mm x 18 mm x 21 mm Talk time : up to 5 hours (depends on phone model) Standby time : up to 160 hours Operating range : up to 30 feet (10 meters) Connection : point-to-point Compatible with the following cell phones and PDA models: Apple iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3G S, iPhone 4 UTStarcom / Audiovox : CDM-1450 (Super Slice), CDM-7126, CDM-8935( Mini), G'zOne Type-S, PPC-6700, XV6600, XV6700, UTStarcom Pantech TXT8010 BlackBerry : Bold 9000, Storm (9530), 7100g, 7100i, 7100r, 7100t, 7105t, 7130c, 7130e, 7130g, 7250, 7290, 7520, Pearl 8100, Pearl 8120, Pearl 8130, Pearl Flip 8220, Pearl Flip 8230, Curve 8300, Curve 8310, Curve 8320, Curve 8330, Curve 8350i, Curve 8520, 8700c, 8700g, 8703e, 8705g, 8800, 8820, 8830, Curve 8900, Pearl 3G (9100), Curve 3G (9300 / 9330), Tour 9630, Bold 9650, Style 9670, Bold 9780, Torch 9800 ATT Quickfire Casio : Casio G'zOne Boulder (C711), Casio G'zOne Brigade (Casio C741), Casio G'zOne Ravine (Casio C751) Cingular : 2125, 3125, 8125, 8525 Cricket : MSGM8, TXTM8, TXTM8 3G (ZTE A410), MSGM8 II (ZTE A310), CAPTR II (A210) Dell : Aero, Streak, X51, X51v HP iPAQ : hx2110, hx2415, hx2755, hw6515, hw6515a, hw6925, hw6945, rw6818, rw6828 Huawei : M228, M750, Ascend (M860) HTC : Aria, Dash (S620), Desire, DROID ERIS, DROID Incredible, EVO 4G, HD2, HD7, Mogul, Ozone, Snap, Wing(T-Mobile), HTC P3450, Surround, Touch, Touch Dual, Touch Pro, Touch Pro2, 5800(Qwest Fusion), TyTN, TyTN II, BlueAngel Kyocera : Domino S1310, E1000, Neo E1100, E2000, Rio E3100, K323, Xcursion KX160, Slider Remix KX5, Strobe K612B version only, Loft / Torino S2300, Mako S4000, Zio M6000 LG : 420g, Arena, Optimus M (MS690), Optimus S (LS670), Optimus T, AX245, AX260/UX260/Scoop, AX300, AX355, AX380(Wave), AX490, AX500 (Swift), AX565/UX565, Rhythm AX585 / UX585, AX830(Glimmer), Tritan AX840 / UX840, AX8600, Banter, Cosmos, Chocolate VX8500, Chocolate VX8550, Chocolate 3 (VX8560), CB630 (Invision), CE110, CF360, CG300, CT810 (Incite), CU320, CU400, CU500, CU515, enV TOUCH (VX11000), enV2 (VX9100), enV3 (VX9200), dLite (GD570), GR700 (Vu Plus), GS170, Prime (GS390), GS505 (Sentio), Encore (GT550), GU295, Neon II (GW370), KE800, KG800, LX150, R

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