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Ams12 Alen Corporation 12,000 Btu Split Air Conditioner With 13.5 Seer

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Alen Corporation AMS12 a 12,000 BTU cooling split air conditioner with a highly efficient 13.5 SEER energy rating. Not only is this unit extremely efficient but whisper quiet. Don't have central AC? or adding a room and can't attach it to your current central system? This lower cost alternative might just be what your looking for. Split air conditioners are much quieter than a window AC and not only that the indoor air handler is wall mounted.Only using 1,060 watts of power the AMS12 also works as a dehumidifier removing 70 pints of water a day out of the air it's cooling.The air handler of the AMS12 which is the indoor unit, is mounted on the inside of a the house on the wall near an exterior wall which is connected to the compressor (external unit) by a small hole the wall large enough for 2 small pipes. Since the compressor is outside of the house like an central AC the operation of the AMS12 is rather quiet.

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