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Angel Pet Book

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From Walker & Fetch. Heart-warming, humorous and inspiring. Youll want a copy of each for yourself, and for all of your animal-loving friends! Allen and Linda Anderson, founders of the Angel Animals Network, wrote these angel pet books. Each book includes true stories of how cats, dogs, horses, birds, ferrets, dolphins and other animals have touched the lives of humans. These stories open our eyes (and our hearts) to reveal a deeper, more spiritual awareness of human and animal interactions. Each paperback book measures 6 x 7 (perfect for tucking into a handbag or briefcase) and includes black-and-white photographs. Printed in Canada. Express delivery not available. An overview for each book: * Angel Cats: Divine Messengers of Comfort. While dogs get more credit, cats have perennially proven themselves to be every bit the equal of their canine brethren as humankinds best friend. Includes several stories describing how cats have responded to human need. (172 pages) * Angel Dogs: Divine Messengers of Love. Includes many inspiring stories of dogs uncanny ability to sense exactly what their human friends need, proving their well-earned reputation as mans best friend. (218 pages) * Animal Angels Book of Inspiration: Divine Messengers of Wisdom and Compassion. A collection of stories by ordinary people about the spiritual lessons and truths theyve learned from animals. Part One focuses on what angel animals teach people about relationships. Part Two covers how animal angels provide lessons on handling lifes challenges. In Part Three, angel animals impart lessons on death, dying and the afterlife. (235 pages)