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Aquatec Beluga Bath Lift - White Beluga (extra Wide)

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Aquatec Beluga Bath Lift Those with limited mobility can once again enjoy the comfort of a warm bath when you buy the Aquatec Beluga Bath Lift from ActiveForever. Featuring a comfortable seating surface and a reclining backrest for added comfort, this affordable bath tub lift that makes getting in and out of tub easy and pain free for people of all ages. Featuring a durable frame with a reinforced scissor-style mechanism that lowers you to 2.5 inches from the bottom of the tub, the Aquatec Beluga Bath Lift is battery-driven for safety and simplicity so you do not have to worry about power cords being near water. The Aquatec Bath Lift can be used with or without the detachable, machine-washable cover and includes an ergonomic, floating hand control attached by a spiral cable. Self-releasing suction cups ensure that the bath lift stays in place while in use while the reclining back rest allows for both comfort and easy hair rinsing. The lift breaks down into two pieces for easy transportation and storage, and weighs only 32 pounds with the battery installed. For those with larger, whirlpool style tubs, we offer the Beluga Wide with a 7 inch wider platform. Each of the bath tub lifts includes a high-quality lithium ion battery that protects you from total discharge and is not affected by partial charges. When fully charged, the battery can provide up to 22 lifts. The flaps on the side of the seat fold in when the Aquatec Beluga Bath Lift is lowered and provide a transfer surface when the lift is at the top of the tub. To ensure you do not get stuck in the bathtub, the lift will not lower unless there is enough battery power for it to be raised again. Aquatec Beluga Bath Lift Accessories: To help accommodate your individual needs, ActiveForever is pleased to offer optional accessories to go with your Aquatec Beluga Bath Lift. To ensure you or your loved one do not slide down in the seat, a comfortable and easy to install seat belt is available. The Aquatec Beluga Bath Lift seat belt is fully adjustable for people of varying sizes. Height adapters are also available to increase the overall height of the bath lift from the bottom of the tub. They come in sets of four and one set will raise the tub by one inch. Simply remove the suction cups, install the adapters, and then attach the suction cups to the adapters. For traveling or storage, we offer a water resistant nylon carry bag with handles to protect your Aquatec Bath Lift from dust and mildew. The bag comes in an attractive blue color and holds both the base and the backrest of the unit. Finally, to assist those who find transferring in and out of the lift difficult, a Rotary/Transfer seat is available. The center disc pivots and slides on a base plate, and the top is covered with a comfortable, washable material. The Height Adapter with Adapter Plug provides users with the ability to increase the height of the bath lift in deep tubs that exceed 16. Becaus

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