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Aqx Aquatic Training Shoes - Women's Size 8

Aqx Aquatic Training Shoes - Women
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AQx Aquatic Training Shoes The AQx Aquatic Training Shoes from ActiveForever are a shoe designed to be used for under-water running and as a method of rehabilitation from a running-related or musculo-skeletal injury. These shoes enhance range of motion and proper mechanics of land-based running. The AQx Aquatic Training Shoes are perfect for deep water running, aqua jogging, water plyometrics and aquatic therapy. Purchase your AQx Aquatic Training Shoes from ActiveForever today! The strategically placed series of gills (hydrodynamic fins) on these shoes add 20-30% more resistance to leg movement patterns in the water. They also have a 100% sticky rubber outsole that prevents slipping on any pool surface. The AQx Aquatic Training Shoes feature a removable cushioned insole for greater comfort, arch support for stability, and drainage ports for quick drying. These shoes should be an essential part of training programs, not just when injured but for supplemental training and rehabilitation as well. The AQx Aquatic Training Shoes allow one to activate more muscle groups, burn more calories, increase metabolic cost, and ultimately provide an intense cardiovascular workout. Embrace the benefits of non-impact training with ActiveForever's AQx Aquatic Training Shoes. AQx Aquatic Training Shoes Features: Fits true to size Exercises help provide overall core strengthening Aids in recovery or serves as an adjunct to a normal training regimen Deep water running simulates running on land without the impact on your joints Use the Aquatic Training Shoes for shallow water drills and plyometrics Build speed, agility, and quickness Great for Rehabilitation and therapy exercises Useful for Aquatic fitness Provides comfort and is form fitting The shoes add 20-30% more resistance to any aquatic exercise. AQx Aquatic Training Shoes Specifications: Constructed with premium quality neoprene (upper), leather like material, and mesh Big mesh overlays provide ventilation and aid in the drying process Hydro-dynamic polyurethane fins provide correct, subtle plane of motion resistance Super-gripping rubber outsole for traction in and out of the pool Strategically placed drain port on bottom of shoe for added drainage Removable bungee lace up system with locking slider for quick installation and super secure fit. Reinforced finger pull loop to slip on shoes easily. Comes with a free mesh carrying bag Half-sizes round down, unless you have an extra-wide foot, in which case you should round up. 100% sticky rubber outsole that prevents slipping on any pool surface Resistance is 2-3 times depending on your velocity Removable insoles Men's and women's shoes come in one color: navy/white Latex-Free Available Sizes: Womens:6, 7, 8, 9, 10 Mens: 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 Returns: This product is not returnable unless it is deemed defective. If product is defective you must return within 30 days for

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