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Ari Rebuilders Replacement Carburetor

Ari Rebuilders Replacement Carburetor
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REPLACEMENT CARBURETOR Restores power and pep, improves gas mileage plus ensures easier starts and smoother idle and acceleration Replaces malfunctioning original in American cars and trucks Ready to install Re-engineered to meet or exceed OE specs. Carbs are disassembled, cleaned and remanufactured using factory-authorized methods. Worn parts are replaced with new parts. Upgraded components are used to replace failure-prone parts. Trouble-free installation. Sold outright--no trade-in necessary. For most cars, trucks: American Motors; Buick; Cadillac; Checker; Chevrolet; Chrysler; Dodge; Ford; GMC; International; Jeep(r); Lincoln; Mercury; Oldsmobile; Plymouth; Pontiac; Rambler; Studebaker. NOTE: SKU numbers ending in F are factory shipped and may take a little longer to reach you. (A) Except with electronic carburetor. (B) With electronic carburetor. . Electronic carbs are equipped with one or more of the following: Pulse Solenoid, Mixture Control Solenoid, Throttle Position Sensor. To determine if you have an electronic carb., check to see if there is a female plug mounted on one or more of these locations: (1) on side of carb, (2) on top of carb or (3) on throttle shaft of carb.

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