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Behringer Thunderbird Bx108 Bass Guitar Combo Amplifier

The Behringer BX108 Thunderbird Bass Amp is the ultimate compact combo practice amp. The Thunderbird lives up to its name with a surprising amount of big bass tone. It's a 15-watt bass amp with a bass reflex cabinet that really gets the most out of its compact 8' speaker design. Complete tone control is provided by way of a musical 3-band EQ. It's the ultimate practice tool because it's got a stereo line in & out so you can plug a CD player, MP3 player or any other audio source right into it - and vice versa. This makes it an extremely affordable recording tool, too - just plug the line outs into your recorder - even your computer's sound card! Approx. dimensions: 14.5 x 13 x 9.1', 15.4 lbs. Picture this: you and your buddies have a band. Youve been gigging around town and are making a name for yourselves. Its time to start doing some serious songwriting and get that first CD done. You grab your guitar and your GX108 and drive over to the bass players house. Hes got the PC up and running and a cookin drum loop is coming from the soundcard. Using the tape inputs, he hooks up the left soundcard output to your GX108 and the right out to his BX108, and plugs a tape out from each amp into the soundcard inputs. He briefly explains his song idea then sets the PC in record and off you go. After a couple takes, youve got good guide tracks for a new song. You save it, email it to your keyboard player and your singer, and start working on the next tune Thats just one example of the many ways you can effectively use our new practice combos. You can also use them for small, unplugged gigs. Or, if you play keyboards, to give those bass or guitar samples an extra touch of realism for your demos or MIDI productions. Of course, you can also simply practice with them. And dont leave home without one: its about the best thing you can have along on tour for warming up before the gig or keeping your chops up in the hotel room on a day off. is an authorized dealer of Behringer products.

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