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Biker Series Headgears-black Red Chopper (w12s13d)

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Made from 100 % Cotton. Lightweight, Comfortable. One Size Fits Most. Available in : Rebel Never Die, Lightning, Rose, Bad Bones, Bitch Fell Off, Choppers, Tribal Dragon Head, Eagle Claw, Iron Eagle, Patriot Flame, Shut Up, Black/Silver Chopper, Sperm, Tattooed Trash, Bitch, Tribal Yellow, Web Wrapped, Eagle, Feel the Wind, Head Hunter, Spider, Barbed Wire, Big Barbed Wire, Black Chopper, Blue Lightning, Flame, Chopper, Follow No One, Free Clean, Gothic Celtic, Purple Tribal, Spider Web, Tossed Confederate Eagle and White Chopper. Size: One Size Fits All Color: Multi-Color