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Blue Planet Dvd Set

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This version is a DISCOVERY EXCLUSIVE! 'If there were a Nobel Prize for wildlife filmmaking, these producers would get it.' - The Wall Street Journal From the producers of the Emmy Award-winning PLANET EARTH comes another highly-acclaimed series featuring the most extensive exploration of the Earth's oceans to date. Plunge into the mysterious deep with BLUE PLANET: SEAS OF LIFE, the definitive natural history of what goes on beneath the waters that cover our world. Narrated by Pierce Brosnan and Sir David Attenborough, this eight episode series takes viewers on an epic journey, revealing everything from exotic coral reef spectacles to never-before-seen things that go bump in the dark depths of the ocean floor. Featuring exclusive interviews with the scientists and production team, this six-year collaboration between Discovery Channel and the BBC will forever change how our planet's oceans are viewed. 5-Disc DVD Set includes: All eight episodes newly presented in Dolby 5.1 Surround Sound and 16:9 Letterbox. Bonus material includes new interviews with filmmakers and scientists. Episode 1: Frozen Seas Animals living in and out of the water face their greatest challenge in the crippling polar winters. Breathtaking, rare footage shows how animals survive in these hostile environments. Episode 2: Coral Seas A coral reef is one of the most stunning sights on earth; a riot of color, teeming with fish. But this seeming tropical paradise is a Darwinian battleground where every species is locked in a daily life and death struggle, including the coral itself. Episode 3: Open Ocean Venture into the largest section of open ocean in the world, where endless blue stretches in every direction. This blue wilderness can seem like an empty desert, but here the ocean's fiercest, fastest and most ruthless predators stalk their prey over immense distances. Episode 4: The Deep Two-thirds of the earth is covered in water, but we've only explored about one percent of the ocean floor. With the help of space-age submersibles, take a spectacular journey to previously unreachable depths. Episode 5: Tidal Seas Watch as the tidal seas explode with life thanks to the ever-present tug of the moon's gravity and learn why tidal marshes are one of the most ecologically productive parts of the world. Episode 6: Coasts The boundary between land and sea serves as a demarcation line between the beach-loving creatures that live onshore and the hungry predators that wait just beneath the surface of the water. Episode 7: Seasonal Seas Shafts of sunlight radiate through the ocean's 'ceiling' and provide energy for the myriad creatures that live in the temperate sea, the richest of all underwater habitats. Episode 8: Ocean World The oceans are an integral part of the Earth's life cycle, influencing weather systems and supporting an enormous range of life. Explore the sheer scale, power and complexity of the mysterio

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