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Boyd's Bears N. Mouseking #boyds-25726 - Keepsakes

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Boyd's Bears N. Mouseking #BOYDS-25726 Before the Nutcracker, there was The Bearcracker, the Bearstone Bears' Christmas ballet. Boyds created a set of ornaments in honor of this age-old bear tail. Here, we find N. Mouseking. He's the bad guy (the grin just gives him away!). In 1987, Gary Lowenthal began designing a line of collectible plush teddy Bears, Hares, Tabbies, Pooches, Moose, etc. Thus The Boyds Bear Collection. In 1992, he started to design cold cast resin interpretations of his Plush Line and created The Bearstone Collection. In 1993, he introduced The Folkstone Collection...a line of whimsical Folk Art Figurines, Snowmen, Santas, Angels, Hares, Moose, etc. In 1996, G.M. introduced The Dollstone Collection... unique sculptures of Victorian Children with their Dolls and Teddies - Keepsakes