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Built Ny Six Pack Tote - Navy

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Insulates six (12-20 0z.) cans or bottles for up to 4 hours (time will vary depending on external temperature) Soft-grip handle makes transporting easy & comfortable Stretches to hold and protect a variety of items Perfect for parties, gifts, camping, tailgating, beach, etc. Machine-washable. Drip dry. Stain resistant Lays flat when not in use Made from neoprene, the wetsuit material

Vemsmileflilm says...

We use this to pack water bottles for our kids sporting events/practices. We have the individual bottle holders as well, each kid can keep water handy and cool. We pack extra bottles in the 6-pack holder too. It also holds soda cans. We couldn't live without it. When it gets dirty, just toss in the wash and it's good as new. I am going to buy the lunch tote for bringing my lunch to my school. I am sure I will love it.

Savings Daily says...

I use this from a house party we are going to, to camping back in the mountains for a long week. This is a great product and we own the bag for two wine bottles as well. I think overtime the seaming will start to cause holes in the bag and eventually we will replace it, but nothing lasts forever and I'd be happy to replace this bag in 5 years!

Mynameis804 says...

what can i say? the boyfriend loves beer, i like it when he carries my beer.. i got him orange, his favorite color, and he said, "awesome!" i'm happy he's carrying my drinks and not busting cardboard all over the place, just wanted to say thank you, moosejaw

Andrewcurcio says...

Still testing....only got to use it once so far, but hope to know how valuable it is so we can give them to people for Valentines Day. So far so good!

Arnie Sulya says...

I love all the Built products. They keep your items cool or warm and, in this case, stop them from clanking around during transport.

Usaemaillists says...

This is not a wine tote.

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