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Cobra Zl Driver - Graphite

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ZL stands for Zero Limits. That's the mindset Cobra engineers had when they set out to design the longest driver in ourhistory. They pushed the boundaries of forgiveness and distance with multi-material construction, a milled rhombusface insert and an Ald

George Sucat says...

I have been hitting a Cobra Driver for a long time. First the Ti Offset, then the F/Speed. I shopped around recently and tried a few newer drivers at the range, like the Callaway Diablo Octane, the Cobra LD F Speed and the Cobra ZL. I couldn't hit the Diablo (though I love the diablo edge irons, hybrids and diablo woods) but the LD was an upgrade to the old F Speed as I found it easier for me to hit and had better trajectory, forgiveness and comparable or better distance. Having said that once I swung the Cobra ZL, I could tell it was is in another league. The very first ball I hit was struck dead center of the clubface. It felt amazing and went long and on target. I stepped back and couldn't help but grin. When you hit this thing in the sweet spot there's a muted sort of "pop" off the clubface and a soft, buttery feeling travels up the stock Voodoo shaft, sending a pleasurable sense of effortlessness to your hands that is further satisfying as you see the result . The other drivers are louder, and have more harsh feedback and vibration. The ZL feels like a fine luxury car compared to them. Most of my shots witht he ZL went far and toward the center. Even though I left it in the Neutral setting I sliced only once in about 20 balls, which is amazing considering I typically fight a slice a lot more often than that. It's good to know I can adjust this club to a draw bias if my slice does resurface. Off center hits traveled surprisingly far and not too far off target. I hit one on the very inside of the clubface near the hosel. I could tell I missed from a harsher feeback, but was happy to see it went nearly as far as some of the better strikes. I found myself wanting to feel that buttery, effortless sweet spot strike again and again and fortunately, with the ZL the wasn't too hard to find. This club hits as good as it looks (it's a very sharp looking club). It's very impressive and I can't wait to take it out to the course! Oh, comes with a very nice, magnetic closing headcover too.

Dyclepiefbecy says...

Thanks to a very knowledgable and helpful salesperson at our local Golfsmith, I finally got myself a driver that feels and performs beautifully - after a round today when I drove the ball consistently longer and straighter than I have in a long time, I am 100% happy with my Cobra ZL. Today I hit two drives 25 yards past my best efforts in a while, and nearly every drive was at least 10 yards past where I usually go. What was interesting is that I play with two different groups, one my age (73) and we hit from the white tees, the other a group of guys 15 years younger. When I've played with them in the past, I hit from the blue tees and I've alway struggled. But I'd hit a few really good shots on the range, so today when I played with the younger guys, I felt a little better about playing from the blues. Sure enough I generally stayed within 5 to 7 yards of them all day, and had the long drive twice. Confidence no doubt plays a part, but this ZL driver gives me confidence what more is there to say.

Fmontessori says...

This driver combines good feel as well as distance in a very forgiving head. I like the idea of being able to aggressively go after shots and know that even if you miss the center of the face that you wont be overly punished. The 3 options for face angle are simpler than the 6 billion Tmade options and effectively do the same thing. The only con that I have is the shaft. Says VooDoo but is far from the real thing. Way to high torque and seems to react odd every once in a while. Launches the ball very high. Also the shaft broke just above the hosel after about 30 rounds but Cobra was quick to help and repair at no cost. All in all this is one of the better drivers i have owned and am very happy to say that it still has a home in my go to bag.

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