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Core Truth - Quarter 4 [Spiritual Warfare] - Download

Core Truth - Quarter 4 [Spiritual Warfare] - Download
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Give your teenagers a firmly rooted faith?with CoreTruth! You want your teenagers to be rooted strong in their faith. Here?s a curriculum to help you accomplish that every week! Each quarter helps your teens dig deep into three core truths of the Christian faith ? through fun experiences they won?t forget. You get 13 customizable lessons every quarter. Here?s a snapshot of what?s covered in Quarter 4: Authority ? What does authority really mean, how do we live under it, and how do you use it? Our Lord Submitting to Authorities I Pledge Allegiance to the King The Power Your Relationship With the Government The Spiritual Realm ? What?s the truth about angels, demons, ghosts, and other spirits? The Supernatural Angels & Demons An Unusual Messenger Satan Get Behind Me Evil ? What is the nature of evil, and how is it operating in our lives today? Horns-a-Plenty Freedom and Slavery Rejecting the Past Snake Attack Click here to check out the CoreTruth Scope & Sequence for more details! What?s CoreTruth? CoreTruth is a two-year theologically-focused downloadable youth curriculum that focuses on core Christian beliefs. Teenagers will study 24 core truths?one each month?that will help them build a solid faith foundation for their future. Each quarter, teenagers will study three core truths of the Christian faith in an interactive, relational way that will be relevant and applicable to them for the rest of their lives.

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