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Covercraft Weathershield Performance Motorcycle Cover

Covercraft Weathershield Performance Motorcycle Cover
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WEATHERSHIELD™ PERFORMANCE MOTORCYCLE COVER Revolutionary breakthrough-;provides maximum protection plus is easy to handle and store! Ultra-soft fabric interior eliminates need for flannel windshield panel For touring cycles, cruisers and sport bikes Completely shields cycle from rain, snow and dust. Virtually dustproof. Sheds water like a duck...;rain simply beads up and rolls off...;shakes dry in minutes. Safely covers hot pipes! Folded, it takes up less than half the space of conventional multilayer fabrics. Compact and lightweight-;stores easily and can be washed and dried in home machines. Safe, no need to wait for hot pipes and engine to cool down...;no need for metallized panels or heat shields. Nextec® fabric is the result of a patented new process. Durable, breathable protective polymers are precisely placed inside woven fabric, then the fabric is encapsulated within an ultra-thin film. Better than the best coated or laminated covers, because the protection is throughout the fabric, not just on one side. Fabric is breathable-;heat and condensation easily escape. UV resistant. Overlapped, double-stitched seams. Sewn-in neoprene elastic in front and rear hems for sung fit. Nonscratch tie-down grommets.

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