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Cozy Products Toasty Toes Deluxe Ergonomic Heated Footrest

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Cozy Products - Other - TT - The Toasty Toes Ergonomic Heated Foot Rest delivers maximum comfort and heat to cold feet and legs at home or in the workplace. Save money by lowering the thermostat, while keeping your personal space warm with this angle-adjustable ergonomic foot rest. Gentle radiant heat delivers heat directly from the warm surface to your legs and feet, while still remaining safe to the touch. Ideal for multiple users - safe low wattage keeps staff cozy facility-wide without circuit overload. Compact, lightweight and portable for any room 3 Adjustable ergonomic positions provide stress relief on legs and feet LED indicator displays on/off Stay productive in the workplace, or relax comfortably at home Optional fleece Foot Cozy snaps on for additional warmth comfort (see accessories) Two heat settings

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