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Dance Dance Revolution - Nintendo Wii

Dance Dance Revolution - Nintendo Wii
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SynopsisYou mastered the moves to become the king or queen of the mall arcade. You showed off your sick dance steps at slumber parties. Or maybe you just dreamed about impressing your friends and crushes with your DDR skills. For more than 11 years, Dance Dance Revolution has ruled parties, dominated the arcade scene and captured the hearts and feet of aspiring groovers around the world. Now, the original game that got your body moving and your pulse pounding is back and better than ever on Nintendo Wii. Bursting back into your living room with more intense challenges and exciting music, Dance Dance Revolution takes the world of dancing simulation to the next level. This time, your entire body gets into the game and onto the screen in a new Choreograph Style mode that combines the features of the Wii Remote, Nunchuk and Dance Dance Revolution mat controller to capture your every movement and display it onscreen. While you sweat it out on the dance floor, enjoy the benefits of a fulfilling workout that doesn't even feel like exercise, as a set list of favorite music tracks absorbs you into the excitement of the beat. Want to throw a dance party that really gets everyone together? Power up a new four-person multiplayer mode that lets everyone dance together, so you can share your greatest dancing moments with everyone.

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