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Datapilot Usb Kit For Sanyo

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DataPilot USB Kit for Sanyo cell phones is an advanced cell phone synchronize software solution that allows end-users to manage their contact information, schedule with popular PIMs and personalize their cell phones with one-of-the-kind ringtones and pictures. Features : Phonebook Manager Import/export contacts from Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, and Palm Desktop software. Back up your cell phone address book in case you lose, break, damage or change your handset. Select all or choose specific contacts you need to update in your cell phone. Add and edit your cell phone contacts using your computers keyboard. Simple column management allows you to select the field you want to manage. Prioritize your contacts in any order your prefer by simply clicking the re-number feature. Calendar Import/export your calendar from Outlook to your cell phone. Create and modify your own schedule by adding, editing, or deleting appointments. Mark your holidays and weekends in your calendar for ease of planning. Set alarm feature to remind you of important appointments in your cell phone. Internet Data Connectivity Check your emails while away from the office. Surf the web to access important data. Display connection speed and status. Set your data enabled phone as modem for your PC in no time with the versatile and user-friendly installation program. Ringtone Composer Upload ringtones from your PC to your cell phone. Import/export ringtones in various formats including MP3, MIDI, and RTTL. Conveniently add and edit tracks and MIDI files. Personalize your incoming calls with your favorite sounds. Image Editor Download your favorite pictures and movies from your cell phone to PC and email them to your friends and family. Transfer wallpapers from your computer to your cell phone. Set any picture as a wallpaper. Use the editing tools to customize your wallpapers and pictures. SMS Manager Back up your SMS messages on your computer. Send SMS messages to anyone. in your cell phone address book and Outlook contacts. Edit your SMS from using your computers keyboard System Requirements : Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, Vista 32MB minimum RAM Pentium 100 MHz or higher CPU 15MB of free HDD space 800x600 or higher resolution, 256 colors or higher USB port CD-ROM drive Package Includes : DataPilot Software CD USB Cable with Sanyo Phone Connector User Guide Compatible with the following Sanyo models : M1, SCP-200, SCP-2300 (VI-2300), SCP-2400, SCP-3100, SCP-3200, SCP-4900, SCP-4920 (RL-4920), SCP-4930 (RL-4930), SCP-5300, SCP-5400 (RL2500), SCP-5500 (VM4500), SCP-5600 (MM-5600), SCP-6600 Katana, SCP-6650 Katana II, SCP-7050, SCP-7200 (RL2000), SCP-7300 (RL7300), SCP-7400 (MM-7400), SCP-7500 (MM-7500), SCP-8100, SCP-8200 (PM-8200), SCP-8300 (MM-8300), SCP-8400, SCP-8500 Katana DLX, SCP-9000 (MM-9000)

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