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Digital Innovations Skipdr Disc Repair + Cleaning System For Xbox

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You're off in a distant world in the midst of an epic battle. You maneuver your weapon with accuracy and determination, skillfully slashing down enemies. The sky is brimming with fantastical creatures, and the colorful landscape echoes with the sound of clanging swords and reverberating explosions. All of a sudden, the world stops. Your arm freezes midswing, a repressive silence floods the air and you're jolted with great pain back to earth. Don't let scratched and damaged game discs destroy your adventures ever again keep your games running smoothly with one of the most well-recognized repairing and cleaning systems available. SkipDr Disc Repair + Cleaning System for the Xbox uses advanced patented technology to keep your games in top shape and keep you in the action. When you run your Xbox discs through the unique, microfrictionally surfaced FlexiWheel, they are treated to a gentle, motorized repair process that smoothes away surface scratches and renews their protective layers. While scratches are removed, disc data remains untouched and unaffected, so none of your game's valuable information is lost. Get that out-of-the-box game smoothness every time you play, and don't get dragged out of your game world by unwarranted interruptions.

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