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Dora's Big Birthday Adventure - Nintendo Wii

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SynopsisThere's a big fiesta going on it's Dora's birthday, and all of her friends and family are ready to celebrate. But there's one small problem the birthday girl is trapped in Wizzle World and can't find her way out. Dora and her trusty sidekick, Boots, need your help to get out of this sticky situation and get to the party on time. Strap on your backpack, bring along a good map and prepare for magic beyond your imagination. Vamanos! You have to make it back in time to sing Feliz Cumplea?os. Everyone's favorite pint-size explorer leaps out of your TV screen and invites you to embark on a magical interactive journey in Dora's Big Birthday Adventure. Team up with Dora, Boots and the gang for an adventure that really brings the magic to life. Your Wii Remote becomes your handy tool as you dance, fly and bounce your way through a mystical land. Get ready to encounter colorful new places and new friends as you ride on the back of a magical unicorn, float in a bubble across Dragon Lake, and dance to the beat of the drums in the Dancing Forest just be on the lookout for a scary witch. Even grown-ups will have fun helping you on this colorful adventure, and they can jump right in thanks to a Storybook Help mode. When you're exploring with Dora on her action-packed birthday, not even Swiper can steal the laughter and the fun.

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