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Dragon Dictate Version 20 For Mac Student-teacher Version - Mac

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Note: This Dragon Dictate Version 2.0 for Mac Student-Teacher Version software is only for use by students, teachers, instructors and other educators who meet Nuance Communications eligibility guidelines. Proof of eligibility will be required after purchase in order to use the software. End users will be authorized for only one license of any Nuance Communications Student/Teacher Edition software product. See academic eligibility requirements. Multitaskers rejoice whether you need a faster way to turn your words to text or would like to create voice-powered commands to automate the way you work, Dragon Dictate has the solution to boost your productivity. Powered by the renowned Dragon speech recognition engine, this software can transform ideas into text at the speed of thought. You'll be able to work hands-free without being tied to your keyboard and mouse, dramatically improving the way you work. Dragon Dictate Version 2.0 for Mac acts as your own personal assistant by typing up your ideas and navigating your favorite Apple applications. All you have to do is speak and Dragon Dictate will turn your words into text with up to 99% accuracy right out of the box. Words appear on your screen up to three times faster than typing, making your work process faster and smarter. Go between applications with simple voice commands, such as Reply to this message, Open Microsoft Word and Jump to Google. In addition, you can personalize Dragon Dictate by adding in your own specific vocabulary and setting up voice commands to automate complex processes.

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