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Early Space Pioneers Replicas

Early Space Pioneers Replicas
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Mercury Redstone, Mercury Atlas, & Gemini-Titan II The Early Space Pioneers commemorates the early 'Golden Years' of U.S. Manned Space Flight.This set is available in 1/100 and features the Mercury Redstone, the vehicle which put America's first man in space back in May of 1961; Mercury Atlas, which launched a series of successful manned orbital flights starting with John Glenn in 1962, and the Gemini-Titan II which launched 2-man crews aboard the Gemini spacecraft in the mid-1960s'. These models have been extensively researched to make sure they are rich in detail, and made from industrial plastic and resin materials. The real black walnut base includes flight emblems and the famous NASA meatball.Re-live the early excitement of the U.S. manned Space Program with this unique collection. Custom-made to order. Allow 3 to 6 months for delivery.We will add an additional $100.00 for shipping and handling of this replica set. No discounts will be apply to this model. All sales final.

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