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Ed Emberley's Fingerprint Drawing Book

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With little more than some ink, paper, and your own fingers, you canbecome an artist! Caldecott recipient Ed Emberley, author of Go Away, Big Green Monster!, aswell as many creative art books (Ed Emberley's Great Thumbprint DrawingBook, Ed Emberley'sDrawing Book: Make a World, etc.), shows readers how to turnfingerprints into lions, basketball players, reindeer, "bean buddies,"submarines, rainbow dragons, trees, even watermelon. Emberley providesstraightforward information about materials and techniques on the very firstpage, then sets readers free to discover and explore. Step by step, Emberleytakes artists through the process, showing, for each picture, a fingerprintfirst, then adding simple lines and other fingerprints to make the print evolveinto an entirely new entity. A mouse, for example, starts out as a brown ovalfingerprint. Next, two pink fingertip-print ears are added. A black dot makes anose. Two smaller dots become the eyes, and finally a few lines turn this blobinto a bewhiskered mouse head. Young artists can spend hours creating designs,patterns, and decorative scenes with this fun technique, especially if they moveon to advanced finger-printing on the last page. (Ages 4 to 8) --EmilieCoulter

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