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Fagor Cooking Design Center With Cooktop

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A revolution in kitchen design and arrangement, this Cooking Design Center from Fagor (CX-5) unites your cooktop, cooking utensils and dining accessories all in the same immediate space. Constructed entirely of stainless steel, this six drawer design center allows you to maximize your storing potential wile creating a clutter-free kitchen environment. The compact setup is especially convenient in condos, apartments and small kitchens where space is very limited. Included with this cooking center is your choice of the 27-inch Fagor radiant cooktop or the 28-inch Fagor gas cooktop. Both can be fitted on top of the unit and leave plenty of counter space on either side. The top row of drawers, two outer drawers and one larger central drawer, is great for keeping smaller items such as cooking utensils, flatware and cutlery. The bottom drawers, ideal for pots, pans and plates, are larger and contain two storage racks each to maximize your storage area. Cooktop Included: This particular cooking center comes with your choice of the Fagor 27 radiant cooktop (VFA-70S) or the Fagor 28 gas cooktop (3FIA-5GLSTX) Convenience: This cooking design center brings all of your cooking and dining items together in one central area and offers a more practical Quality Drawers: The drawers open smoothly due to sliding runners, and come in different dimensions and multiple shelves for storing a variety of different kitchen supplies

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