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Fifa Soccer 11 - Xbox 360

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SynopsisYou hurtle down the field, cleats barely digging into the dirt almost running on air. Between your lightning-quick feet, the ball moves in perfect unison with your body. As one unit, you pivot left eking past the limbs of defenders, then dive right just avoiding a pummeling collision and break away sprinting, flying down the open field. This could be the break to thrust your team into victory and you into legendary status. Only you could pull off a maneuver quite like this. Your skills are in place, your talent is pure can you blast the ball past the keeper and capture glory? When you lace up your cleats in FIFA Soccer 11, you step into the shoes of soccer greats with more realism and more dead-on accuracy than ever before. Dribble, pass and score in the exact style of the player you're emulating and even celebrate like him when it's all over, thanks to the all-new Personality+ feature. Maneuver tight turns and dribble through defenses like Barcelona's Iniesta; deliver crisp, creative passes like Real Madrid's Kaka, and anticipate offensive attacks like Juventus' Chiellini. Advances in controls, AI and realism mean swift passes, new pass types, gritty 360 collisions and a new goalkeeper intuition factor. Create electric tournament experiences of your dreams as you craft your own teams, customize crowd chants and even hear your name announced over the speakers. Get in on the action online, fight to rise to the top of leaderboards and compare stats with your friends. How will you shape your soccer legacy?

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