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Fight Night Champion - Xbox 360

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SynopsisYou fake left before throwing a hard right hook directly at your opponent's jaw. It lands with a resounding crunch and you stare, mesmerized, as he wobbles and then crumples to the mat. The crowd is on its feet, but all you can think about is the way his jaw seemed to come unhinged as he fell. Boxing is an incredibly brutal, bloody sport and you love every minute of it. That's because you're a Fight Night Champion. Join the violent world of professional boxing with Fight Night Champion. Create an alter ego to take from a new fighter to the fighter to beat. Based on the Fight Night Round 4 gameplay and physics engine, the newest Fight Night title offers a wide range of abilities and an even wider range of realistic detail, from blood to realistic body deformation and damage. A new synergy of gameplay controls creates a more precise and accurate punching experience so you can counterattack, set up combos and attack your opponent like a pro. When you're ready, take your fighter online to compete against the best in the world in the all new Fight Night Nation. Are you ready to set off on the brutal road to success as a professional boxer?

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