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Fighter Pilots DVD Set

Fighter Pilots DVD Set
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Get into the pilot's seat of the world's hottest fighter aircraft, see low level "speed of heat" maneuvers and experience some of the United States' most famous airplanes in this four-disc DVD set. F/A-18 Hornet "Anytime…Anywhere" – From tree-top level to over 50,000 feet, marvel at the capabilities of this remarkable machine. F-15 Eagle "Defenders of Freedom" – Experience the thrill of mid-air refueling as Eagles deploy their fire power and wonder at the F-15E Strike Eagle as it shares the skies with the new F/A 22 Raptor. F-16 Fighting Falcon "A Bird of Prey" – From Fightertown USA to the Persian Gulf you're in the cockpit during gut-wrenching dog fighting and supersonic low level attacks. Fly with the pilot in a real battle-damaged F-16 struggling to reach friendly airspace. F-14 Tomcats "Defenders of the Fleet" – See Tomcats splash real MiGs in a real twisting and turning high speed duel.Jump in the cockpit and experience America's fighter pilots flying powerful and exotic aircraft on the frontline of freedom. Get into the pilot's seat of the world's hottest fighter aircraft in this four-disc DVD set.

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