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Geek Squad On-site Pc Hookup & Data Backup Or Transfer

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Let an Agent take the hassle out of setting up a new computer and bringing your data along for the ride. When setting up your computer, a Geek Squad Agent will: Physically set up one PC or Mac computer system, including the computer plus monitor, keyboard, mouse and speakers Organize wires and cables with your cable ties (ties not included) Install one new software application (software not included) Install one peripheral or external device (device not included) Configure your new computer to access your existing Internet account and one existing e-mail account Test your computer to make sure it is functioning properly Note: Setup excludes moving or removing an existing computer system. When performing a one-time data backup or transfer, an Agent will: Back up or transfer your computer data to another medium (e.g., CD or DVD, internal or external hard drive, network-attached storage or another computer) Import the data into an installed program or location (when performing a data transfer) Note: File transfer includes up to 9.4GB of data; larger amounts of data can be accommodated for an additional charge. Applications cannot be transferred. Agents can provide a CD or DVD from a Best Buy store for backup, and are authorized to use an external hard drive from a store for on-site data backup assistance. Excludes nontransferable applications and programs. Data backup/transfer service excludes recovering any lost data; in such a situation, please visit a Geek Squad precinct inside any Best Buy store. Online Service Order Details When you order this service online, you will receive a shipping confirmation email when we validate your purchase. We'll call you within 72 hours of this confirmation to schedule your appointment. For your convenience, we'll also provide you with contact information on a confirmation card mailed to your home. Services have a 30-day labor warranty, but are not returnable after the services have been performed. See Terms & Conditions for more details. To cancel or reschedule your appointment, please call 1 800 GEEK SQUAD (1-800-433-5778). Note: If you have also ordered a new desktop or laptop computer, be sure to reschedule your appointment if you are notified of a product backorder or delivery delay. Questions? Call us toll free at 1 800 GEEK SQUAD (1-800-433-5778). See more Geek Squad services available for order online.

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