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Geemarc Ampli600 Amplified Emergency Response Corded Telephone

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Geemarc Ampli600 Brand New Includes One Year Warranty, The Geemarc Ampli600 amplfied emergency response corded phone is telephone system that alerts up to six members of the family or friends during an emergency with a simple push of a button. If there is no response after 30 seconds or the line is busy, the phone automatically dials the next preprogrammed phone number. It will cycle through the emergency numbers twice. It has a 50 decibel incoming amplification that allows the emergency contact to speak with you via speakerphone. The two small wrist transmitters allows you to use the emergency system from virtually any room of your home (within 66 feet). This phone is ideal for the elderly who want be independant while staying safe or for anyone who likes the added security of knowing someone will be contacted during an emergency. Amplified Emergency Connect, Automatic Dialer In Emergency Situations - Alerts Up To 6 People - Dials Pre-Programmed Emergency Phone Number Every 30 Seconds - 2 Number Of Attempts To Dial Emergency Numbers - Plays Pre-Recorded Emergency Message to Each Number - Allows Parties Called to Speak / Listen to Caller, Waterproof Wrist-Watch Style Remote Control Transmitter - Transmitter Requires One 12V Battery Ampli600 Features: Emergency Help Button, Anonymous Call Rejection, Connects To Most Standard Mobile / Cordless / Cellular Phones With 2.5mm Headset Jack, Amplified Corded Phone, Amplified Volume - Up To 52dB, Tone Control Lets You Customize The Amplifier For Optimum Clarity, Enhanced Ringer Up to 95dB Amplification Visual Ringer Indicator Vibrating Handset, Hearing Aid T-Coil Compatible, Wall Mountable, Speakerphone, 3 One-Touch Emergency Buttons, Adjustable Screen Contrast, On-Hook Dialing, 99 Station Name / Number Caller ID Memory, 99 Station Phone Directory / Dialer, 6 One-Touch Memory Buttons, Visual Ringer, Boosts Outgoing Speech Up To 12 dB, 3.5mm Audio Out Jack, 3.5mm Bed Shaker Jack

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