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Ghost Lab Dvd & Hunting Kit

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Starter Ghost Hunting Kit Getting started or know someone who would like to become a Ghost Hunter? This is the best starter kit available. Starter Kit includes:GaussMaster EMF meterPortable Motion SensorEVP ListenerDigital Local Remote ThermometerDeluxe Carrying Case to keep it all together Ghost Lab DVD 1. Disturbing the Peace: Paranormal Investigators, Brad and Barry Klinge bring their Everyday Paranormal team to two Louisiana landmarks, notorious for alleged paranormal activity. They begin by investigating the Shreveport Municipal Auditorium, where legends were born and some say they never truly left. During their investigation, the team identifies a hotspot by the side of the stage where they capture a clear electronic voice phenomenon or EVP saying, They saw the light! To Brad and Barry, this disembodied voice seems to be responding to their presence. They begin to consider that spirits from Shreveport's glory days may still be existing, but in a parallel dimension. In hopes of understanding the activity and ways of collecting more evidence, the Klinges consult with an astrophysicist who specializes in parallel universe theory. Brad then devises a rocking experiment to bring the building back to life. He calls this experiment, Era Cues. But when the dormant spirits are awoken, there may be consequences. The team then moves on to the Myrtles Plantation - known as America's most haunted home. Myrtles' history is far darker; one steeped in slavery, disease and death. During previous investigations at Myrtles, the Ghost Lab team captured a shadowy apparition and a possible Civil War era EVP stating, Colonel, aren't you afraid? From past evidence, they know that Myrtles is haunted so it's the perfect places to test their developing Era Cues theory. During their initial walkthrough, Brad and Barry are stunned to capture a rare Audible Voice Phenomenon that sounds like a child. And as they delve deeper into the history, they hone in on the Civil War era as the period when the energies at Myrtles were at their highest. So, with the help of a Civil War historian, the team devises a Voice Looping experiment to cue spirits from the era & and the results are chilling. 2. Tombstone: Brothers, Brad and Barry Klinge bring the Ghost Lab to Tombstone, Arizona, the town where Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday had their famous shootout in the OK Corral back in the 1800's. According to witness testimony, spirits from the Wild West days may still be walking the streets of this ghost town. Brad and Barry head there to find out the truth and uncover both the history and the science behind the haunting. They begin the investigation at The Birdcage Theater. Back in the day it served as a brothel, a gambling hall and a saloon. The patrons of the Birdcage are far more respectable these days but according to the shop manager who works there now, a spirit named Jake may be haunting the building. During their investigation of the Birdcage, the team capt

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