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Graceful Traveler In Passion Lily Turquoise By Amy Butler

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Graceful Traveler in Passion Lily Turquoise by Amy Butler Discretion is the better form of function. To dance through hotel lobbies and airports with panache is the dream. Amy travels extensively, and so her Graceful Traveler was born of real experience! The beauty lies in its romantic style, and in easy function. All organic cotton, leather handles and piping, interior pockets, rigid aluminum handles, urethane sealed bearing wheels, and coordinated contrast lining. Material: Organic Cotton. Size: 22L x 8W x 16H Amy Butler is a fabric, home, fashion and print designer known for her modern approach to botanical, geometric and romantic inspirations. With spirited color and confident combinations of print, Amy has created a freshened view of the many product categories she now designs. As a sewing pattern designer, Amy has brought modern styling to the sewing arts and inspired a new generation of young women around the world to find their own style. Amys growing brand has become synonymous with creativity, sustainability, quality and great style.

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