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Hidden Camcorder Soda Can With Recording (dvr)

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Completely Covert Pinhole Camera Captures High Quality Surveillance Footage Soda Can Features Pinhole Hidden Camera Built-In DVR Captures 4Gb Worth Of Video Completely Wireless Hidden Camera High Resolution VGA Video 640 x 480 Remote Control Included Rechargeable Battery Remote Control To Start & Stop Recording From The Other Room Easy-To-Use Hidden Camcorder For Portable Wireless Surveillance Anywhere Place the soda can hidden camera anywhere and start recording. It's just that simple. No one will suspect that the Coke can sitting on the shelf or on your desk is actually a hidden camera with a built-in DVR. This covert Coke Cam DVR will silently record everything happening without drawing any unnecessary attention. The tiny pinhole camera captures all the action onto the built-in DVR, and the actual soda can hidden camcorder itself connects to your computer with the included USB cable for easy viewing. All video footage is recorded to the built-in 4Gb DVR in VGA quality color video so you can easily play it back on your computer. Uses For The Soda Can Camcorder: Monitor your office Monitor your home Perfect for a school setting Great for college dorms Place it in any kitchen cabinet to help loved ones resist the urge to cheat on their diets. Features: Indistinguishable from a normal soda can Internal storage means no need for a separate DVR VGA quality video Remote control Includes: 1 Soda Can Camera & DVR 1 driver disc w/ manual 1 USB cord 1 charger adapter

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