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Hot Deal E-sky 4 Ch Flight Simulator Training Kit For Airplanes And Helicopters W/ Usb Port

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Brand new in box, RC flight simulator port used ? USB 1.0/2.0 (latest model) 4CH PPM Transmitter! Completely simulate real plane flight Various 3D flying scenery, make you fly across limited three-dimensional world If you find flying helicopter is much harder than you think, then try our RC flight simulator! You don't have to waste money on over-rated software that cost hundreds of dollars when you can just pay $24.95 to get one of the best-rated flight simulator program in the world.  You will receive a complete kit with both hardware and software included.  All that is required for you to do is installed the software and connect the USB cable from the supplied transmitter to your computer and off you go!  WHY SPEND OVER $300 FOR A KIT THAT YOU CAN BUY FOR ONLY $19.95 TODAY! THE MOST POPULAR FLIGHT SIMULATOR NOW! NOT JUST CHEAP TO BUY, IT WORKS LIKE MAGIC! Get one while supplies last! We've heard great success with this simulator kit.  Some people could spend year after year and still can't get used to remote controlled helicopter but with the help of this simulator kit, all it may take could be just days before you truly become a master at flying. You can sharpen your skills by practicing on computers and learn a lot no matter basic or advanced skills The Esky Flight Simulator is a MUST HAVE ACCESSORY for anyone who has no plan to waste time and money to learn how to fly one of the most exciting toy in the world!  Radio controlled helicopters are one of the hardest thing to master in the hobby-world and for anyone who is new to this hobby, expect to bust out your wallet to buy replacement parts because YOU WILL CRASH.  However, with the RC Flight Simulator, it will definitely minimize your damage to the lowest and you will not regret because for all we know, this wise choice will cost you LESS than 20 bucks and the training is comparable to the same flight simulator that cost $300 from GreatPlanes and Horizon! With that big difference of price, you can just buy like 2-3 hot helicopters here!!!   This is a revolutionary new Model Flight Simulator that allows the user to fly with the same type of transmitter used for regular flight. There are only a few Transmitter and Simulator combos on the Internet and none are equivilent to the ESKY FMS Simulator Package in value. This new simulator gives you real world flying experiences from your PC.Its Link Controller plugs into a USB port on your computer.It looks and feels just like a real transmitter and has switches for dual rates,retracts, and a knob for flaps. Especially without 8AA battery can directly work with computer. This simulator includes a model airplane simulator, model heliopter simulator, model glider simulator, and the ability to create your own models and landscapes. Connect with USB port cable and no batteries is required High-performance, High-

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