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Import Advantage Banyan Creek Plasma Tv Lift Console

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Import Advantage - TV Stands - AT004310S - Made of warm, high quality finished wood, The Banyan Creek Plasma TV lift console stands as one of the finest in high end luxury entertainment. Compartments offer Entertainment and Audio component storage as well as room for your media collection. The central door features wood, glass, and speaker cloth panels, making for a customizable, personalized piece. Our AV storage areas each contain an infrared or IR system which amplifies and distributes remote control commands to your AV equipment without the need to open the console door. The ImportAdvantage IR relay system is ideal for controlling remote components when you want to keep your equipment out of sight.ImportAdvantage infrared relay systems consist of a preinstalled flush mount sensor and high output infrared flashers. The IR relay system receives commands transmitted from existing remotes and repeats that signal inside the cabinet through our high output flashers. This system is preinstalled and requires no programming or installation. Plug n' play! See this product in motion Interchangeable Glass, Cloth and Wood panel doors to allow any look you want Fully ventilated to allow for generous air circulation. Included Infra Red Relay System Made from high quality engineered wood and rare African veneers. Ships fully assembled Specifications: Dimensions: 32 W x 66 H x 46 D Max TV Size: 56W x 5 1/2D x 32 3/4H TV Lift System: Uplift 3700 (pre-installed) Maximum Supported TV Weight: 130 lbs.

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