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Josephine De Beauharnais Decorative Bust - House Parts

Josephine De Beauharnais Decorative Bust - House Parts
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Josephine de Beauharnais Decorative Bust If you are looking for a decorative something for that lonely nook, try the Josephine bust. Hand-cast, hand-gilded bust. In plastic to look like white marble. A little history? Born Marie Josephe Rose Tascher de la Pagerie on a sugar plantation in the French Caribbean island of Martinique in 1763. When her family encountered financial trouble, it was arranged that Josephine's younger sister Catherine would travel to France to marry aristocrat Alexandre de Beauharnais. Catherine died before she could make the trip in 1779 and Josephine was sent in her place. Though the marriage between Josephine and Alexandre was an unhappy one, they had two children and stayed married 15 years until Josephine was imprisoned and Alexandre was beheaded in the Reign of Terror. After the terror ended, Josephine was mistress to several leading political figures including Paul Barras. Josephine often spent more than she could afford, even with aid from her aristocratic lovers. So when she began her relationship with Napoleon, Barras encouraged it to get Josephine off his hands. Josephine when by Rose until she met Napoleon who began calling her by the name we know today. They married March 9, 1796. While Napoleon was obsessed over Josephine, it is not clear how strongly that affection was returned. Josephine was infertile, either due to the stress of the imprisonment during the Terror or due to injuries sustained when she fell from a balcony in 1799. Because she could not produce an heir for Napoleon she agreed to a divorce in 1810. Napoleon and Josephine remained on good terms until her death in 1814. 2-3 business days to ship. 14h x 7.5w

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