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L'equip Mini Pulp Ejection Juicer, Grey

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Designed by people who juice for people who juice, the Model 110.5 L'Equip Mini Juicer/Pulp Ejector will give you the results you expect from a top quality juicer at a much more affordable price. Forget containers full of foam, this is one appliance that's designed for quantity and quality, with results that are virtually free from foam, as pulp is ejected through the rear of the juicer. A computer-controlled motor monitors the speed of the cutter blade, automatically sending out more or less power as needed. The pulp receptacle is ample and a large feeder tube accommodates more veggies and fruit than most juicers. A unique bag clamping system holds any plastic bag in place for ejected pulp. User friendly with no clogging and no foam, it's compact in size (only 11.5-in. high) so it fits perfectly on most kitchen countertops. It's the juicer that provides the most power and highest efficiency (600 watts and 10,000 RPMs) than any other juicer in its class. Comes with a 6-year guarantee.