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Lingo Global Traveler - 20 Language Translator - Silver

Lingo Global Traveler - 20 Language Translator - Silver
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If you're looking for a powerful, vocabulary-rich translator that simultaneously displays translations in English phonetics and the foreign alphabet, then the Lingo Global Traveler is the choice for you. With 20 major languages at your fingertips you will be ready and able to communicate with just about anyone anywhere in the world business or pleasure takes you. Simply type in your word or search for your phrase in the chosen language and show the display to the person you are communicating with. They'll be able to read the display and understand what you are communicating! And with 400,000 words and 40,000 phrases in 20 languages, there's very little chance you won't be understood! It features a calculator/databank and international clothing and shoe size conversions. There's even four travel games: Decoder, 24, Number Slide and Hangman. Languages include Arabic, English, Polish, German, Czech, Dutch, French, Hebrew, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Greek, Indonesian, Turkish, Thai, Russian, and Vietnamese. The translations appear in English phonetic and foreign alphabet simultaneously. It even comes with a durable fold-over pocket sized case. It uses two AAA batteries and one CR-2032 battery.

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