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Little People Big World Season 4 Dvd Set

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Get an inside look at the lives of the Roloffs as they face the pressures of being little in an average-sized world. Witness the everyday successes and struggles of being little with a family determined to succeed in a world that isn't always accepting of their differences. 1. The Heat Is On After months of renovation, the Roloffs are remodel-weary - especially now that it's winter and it's impossible to keep their windowless, unfinished house heated. But when Matt decides to go green and install a gigantic geothermal heat pump system, the whole family chips in to warm up their house again. 2. Happy Campers Molly puts her brothers to shame when she and her girlfriends are the first to spend the night out in the Native American plank house. Not to be outdone, her brothers Zach and Jeremy organize a campout with their buddies - but wind up worrying Amy when they don't return home on time. 3. Nashville Blues: For the first time, both Matt and Amy are invited to speak together at a corporate conference in Nashville. But when Matt falls ill, Amy wonders if she'll be able to handle more than her share of the speech. Meanwhile, back on the farm the kids begin to learn what it takes to manage daily life on their own. 4. Zach's Charge Thanks to his work at Sylvan Learning Center, Zach's grades are dramatically improving. For extra credit in history class, Zach makes a Civil War movie with his friends, but he has to scramble when he realizes he hasn't written a part for his girlfriend Danni. 5. Matt's Big Gamble: Matt ups the ante for his stool kit business DAS by taking Amy and a group of their little people friends to a Las Vegas hotel convention. But when the DAS booth doesn't attract tons of paying customers, Matt wonders if he's made the right investment. Back at the farm, an overflowing toilet means chaos for the kids. 6. What Happens On The Farm While Matt and Amy are in Vegas having a blast with their LP friends, the Roloff kids are on their own for the weekend. Although Jacob is being a pesky little brother, his twin brothers encourage him to grow up by taking him along for an adventurous hike in the Oregon hills. 7. What The Deck? Matt takes the Roloff remodel outside and hires his old buddy Romi to build a new deck. Arguments with Amy flare up when Matt continues to make last-minute changes that cost time and money. Amid the construction chaos, Amy tries to focus on her preschool class graduation. 8. License Revoked With money he's saved, Jeremy buys an old, broken-down BMW to fix up. But after he and Zach are busted for off-road mudding with their cars and breaking state law by driving with an underage passenger, Matt and Amy suspend the twins' driving privileges. 9. Can't Win 'Em All When Zach and Jeremy's school soccer team goes on a losing streak, Matt and Amy struggle to teach the twins life lessons in responsibility and perseverance. But on the sidelines, Amy's competitive nature erupts, and she emba

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