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Make It In Minutes Beaded Jewelry

Make It In Minutes Beaded Jewelry
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Make Beautiful Handcrafted Jewelry in Minutes This collection will dazzle bead-happy crafters of every level. All the pieces use easy-to-master methods, including wire wrapping, weaving, crimping, stringing, and stitching, yet theyre positively boutique-worthy. Basics on the techniques, tools, and materials are thoroughly explained in an introductory section, along with advice on choosing bead combinations and arrangements. Project chapters include bracelets, earrings, necklaces, brooches, rings, and watchbands, and within an hour you can create such jeweled treasures as a Hawaiian Haku bracelet, Tropical Sunshine necklaces, Crystal Chandelier earrings, Pearl Marquise ring, and Red With Envy watch. Artist Wendy Remmers studied graphic design at the University of Hawaii and went on to do work for Hawaii and 39;s top public relations agency and Disney before establishing her own business. Always working on crafts, Wendy eventually decided to focus on one of her lifelong hobbies, beading. She is the owner of Brea Beadworks in Southern California. Wendy shares her knowledge through her online newsletter and beading workshops.

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