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Marseille Brown Shoe

Marseille Brown Shoe
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Gravity Defyer's Marseille brown shoe is part of our highly successful Catapult MXT-C3 line. It's lustrous finish (black or brown) makes it a versatile shoe for travellers being both comfortable and attractive enough to wear to the office or with casual attire. It was and is the first of its kind -the Original Gravity Defyer- a shoe so comfortable, you'll feel like you are walking on clouds. First released to the world through the airline publication Skymall in 2007, the Marseille quickly became the shoe choice of world travellers and businessmen on the go. Crafted from hand stitched Napa leather, the Marseille is handsomely styled and formed to fit like a glove. Slip on this shoe and feel how the padded collar provides extra comfort along your ankle while the last gently hugs your arch.

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