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Martinlogan Dynamo 300 8 Stereo/home Theater Subwoofer Each

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Every element of the compact and powerful Dynamo 300, from driver to amplifier to crossover to cabinet, is meticulously designed and manufactured to deliver a staggering low-frequency performance - bass extension, power, and detail - at an extremely affordable price. Perfect for either home theater or stereo applications, the Dynamo 300 is built with high-density materials to minimize cabinet resonance and provide a solid foundation for the high-output 8-inch woofer and high-current 75-watt, 150-watt peak amplifier. Whether you are looking for high performance bass to enhance your music experience or take your home theater system to the next level, a new Dynamo family subwoofer should be at the top of your list. Type: Subwoofer Driver Units: 8 (25.4cm) high excursion, polypropylene cone with extended throw drive assembly; ported Frequency Response: 32150 Hz 3dB; Anechoic through LFE effects input Nominal Impedance: Left & Right/LFE RCA: 10,000 Ohms Left & Right Speaker Level: 10,000 Ohms. Compatible with 4, 6, or 8 Ohm rated amplifiers. Connectors: Inputs: Left & Right/LFE RCA, Left & Right Speaker Leve Dimensions & Weight: 14.15 12.6 13.75 (36cm 32cm 35cm) / 21.5 lbs. (9.8 kg) Features: Low Pass Filter Frequencies: 45150 Hz Ultra efficient low-distortion 75-watt amplifier with 150-watt peak output Low-distortion 8-inch polypropylene cone woofer Low-turbulence port for extreme bass output High-density cabinet construction