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Mass Effect 2 Pre-owned - Xbox 360

Mass Effect 2 Pre-owned - Xbox 360
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SynopsisOn the edge of known space, entire human colonies have vanished. Once again Commander Shepard must step in, this time to repel the alien abductors, but he can't do it alone. Shepard calls on Cerberus, a ruthless organization dedicated to human survival at all costs. Faced with a common enemy, Shepard and Cerberus unite, assembling an elite squad of fighters from throughout the galaxy. As they board the most powerful ship ever built, this newly formed crew carries with it the hopes of every last human. Embark on a mission to save the human race in Mass Effect 2, the second title in the Mass Effect trilogy. This action-packed thriller takes you to familiar locations, such as the Citadel, as well as to deadly unknown new worlds. As you navigate new planets and go forth on side missions, you'll reveal new secrets in the Mass Effect universe. In battle, defend yourself and your team with an improved combat system and weapons from 19 classes. A new location-based damage system lets you target key weak points, blast off limbs, set enemies ablaze or take down entire enemy troops.

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