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Max Payne 3 - Playstation 3

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SynopsisHardened New York City detective Max Payne has retired from the force and left everything behind, including the Big Apple itself. Since escaping the city that is the focus of his greatest tragedy, Max has drifted from bad to worse. Ensnared in a city of violence and bloodshed, Max is a long way from home and has been double-crossed. Armed with only his instincts and weapons, Max must fight in an anxious search for the truth and a way out. Holster up your pistol and once again step into the shoes of the hard-nosed New York City police detective in Max Payne 3. The award-winning franchise returns with the same gameplay elements and hyper-intense action that you've come to expect. Trapped in a city overrun with violence and bloodshed, you must use your firepower and instincts to search for the truth and a way out. Experience a world of corruption, turmoil and exciting violence while you uncover the gritty storyline. Will your search for justice in the death of your family reveal the truth?

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