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Mc 200i Stereo Audio 200i Advanced Performance Audio Cable

Mc 200i Stereo Audio 200i Advanced Performance Audio Cable
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An advanced performance audio interconnect for smooth, balanced sound from CD and DVD players, cable/satellite receivers, and more. Monster 200i quality construction includes two balanced conductors plus a shield for lower noise floor and more accurate sound reproduction. Patented 24k gold contact 6-cut Turbine connectors for enhanced signal transfer and corrosion resistance. Split-Tip center pin for maximum contact pressure and ultra-low signal distortion. Rubber O ring grip no-slip design allows easy connector handling. Flexible low-loss dielectric for enhanced signal integrity, even over long runs or when cable is bent. Dual balanced conductors plus foil shield deliver wider dynamic range and more natural music reproduction with lower noise. Duraflex protective jacket flexible for easy routing and installation. 100% aluminized Mylar foil shield rejects EM and RF interference that causes buzz and hum.Advanced Performance Audio Interconnect for Smooth, Balanced So

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