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Mcx2s M Series Speaker Cable

Mcx2s M Series Speaker Cable
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Our entry level M Series cable fits every budget, yet makes no apologies for its high standards of performance. Advanced compact design - ideal for audiophile systems, home theater, and remote speakers. PEX dielectric for improved reproduction of harmonic structure and inner detail. MultiTwist construction for lower noise floor. Magnetic Flux Tube for more natural music reproduction. UL CL3-Rated for in-wall use. Separate bass and high frequency networks for greater clarity and increased dynamic range.OD Size for MCX2s = 11.20mmvariance: +/- .2mm varianceHigh Definition, Audiophile-Quality Speaker CableGet the Most Out of Your SpeakersYour loudspeakers are the final link in your audio or home theatre system, and have more effect on what you ultimately hear than any other component in your system. But your speakers can only sound as good as the cables used to connect them. That's why it's important to use speaker cables capable of accurately delivering audio signals f

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