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Media Maker 9 Ultimate Edition

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NTI Media Maker delivers an easy-to-use, yet powerful suite of digital media applications. Family members of any age can quickly create dazzling CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray discs like a pro. Copy, convert, rip, edit, play, backup, and share your music, videos, photos, and data files with ease.High Definition Blu-ray VideoMove up to the next generation of high-definition video with BD Maker. Beautifully designed templates make it easy for you to create stunningly detailed Blu-ray movies. Turn your high-resolution photos into dazzling slideshows complete with your own music and transitions. Put all of your family videos from your HD camcorder onto a single Blu-ray disc to share with friends and family.Create Like a ProfessionalLet us help you turn your raw ideas into a spectacular masterpiece. Gather up your precious photos of holiday celebrations, birthdays, and vacations with just the right music to create slideshow keepsakes to be enjoyed again and again. Turn your video and photo collections into stunning professional quality DVDs to recapture and relive those special moments frozen in time. Spice up the free time during your on-the-go lifestyle by converting videos to play on your iPod - or any portable media player.Music that Rocks!Create a mind-blowing party DVD with all your favorite songs that will give you hours of music excitement. Each song featuring album cover art, song title, and artist name displayed on your TV for everyone to enjoy. The answer to the commonly asked question Who sings this song? is on your TV for all to see.Create personalized audio CDs for a perfect driving experience, a fast-paced workout, or to just relax and wind down after a hard day's work. Add that perfect DJ sound to your CDs with smooth fade out and fade in transitions between songs. Rip your valuable CD collection to your computer with added song information from a major online database, allowing instant access to your music library.Jazz Up Your Life StoryGive your home videos and photo slideshows a professional look with our Cinematic - features. NTI Media Maker 9 will intelligently edit together the best parts of your videos and pictures, and automatically add transitions and effects to synchronize with your background music. Choose from several fascinating designs to give your video or photo slideshow that professional look and feel!Blockbuster Movies in a Snap!Save money by copying and compressing your favorite DVD movies to inexpensive standard DVDs. Improve DVD playback by removing movie trailers, extra features, and foreign audio tracks and just sit back and enjoy the movie. Archiving your DVD video collection is a smart way to protect your entertainment investment for years to come.New Look and FeaturesOur new one-click Launch Pad in Media Maker 9 makes it even easier to navigate to a desired program within our suite.Our new Desktop Gadget allow you quick access to make Audio CDs, Copy Discs, Rip Music, Burn Video_TS to DVDs, Make MP3 Discs, and burn

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