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Molly And Friends Cat Tree With Condo, Bed And 2 Cradles

Molly And Friends Cat Tree With Condo, Bed And 2 Cradles
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The Molly and Friends Cat Tree is a luxurious, four-tier cat scratching post with a firm base, one tall post with a cradle bed, one short post with a lookout condo, a shorter post with a cat bed, and a forth, shortest post with a cradle bed. With its multiple places of fun, this cat tree is ideal for bringing a sense of playfulness into your kitty's life, while protecting your chairs, couch, dining table and other furniture from your cat's clawing. The post is ideal if you have more than one pet kitty. One of the posts comes covered with a smooth, sisal rope that your cat will love playing with, keeping your home furnishings safe! This lightweight scratching post is easy to carry around, both at home and when traveling. Available in a variety of gorgeous colors like burgundy, green and tan, the scratching post is sure to add a warm, homey touch to your house and will ensure a great pastime for your pet cat. Four Tier Structure for More Fun:The four posts are ideal for more fun and more pets. Soft Sisal Covering:One post has a soft sisal cover that your cat will love to scratch. Four Places of Fun:The 4 posts come with cat beds and cradles. Available in Many Colors:You can choose from a number of gorgeous colors.

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